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Thank you for your interest in my Fine Art photographs. These images may be purchased in a variety of finishes:

Photo-Box Mount
Photo-Box Mount
Most images are produced in the full 35mm aspect ratio (2:3); mass-produced frames may be harder to find for these sizes. Standard frame sizes are also available for some images. Some prints are not available in all sizes.

A shopping cart will be available shortly; until then, please use our Comment Form to request a print; include the following information:

Pricing of prints (in US dollars) is as follows:

Print (Matted) Size Double Mat Plaque Mount Box or Float Mount Mat or Float-Mat Mount Framed Mount
8x12 (14x18) 50.00 80.00
12x18 (18x24) 80.00 135.00 215.00 240.00 265.00
16x24 (24x30) 265.00 280.00 330.00 370.00 410.00
20x30 (24x36) 420.00 445.00 525.00 590.00 645.00
24x36 (30x42) 605.00 640.00 750.00 835.00 925.00
11x14 (16x20) 65.00 115.00 199.00
16x20 (20x24) 225.00 240.00 285.00 310.00 345.00
20x25 (24x30) 350.00 370.00 440.00 485.00 535.00
24x30 (30x36) 505.00 535.00 630.00 695.00 775.00

Greeting Cards, Box: These standard sized 5"x7" greeting cards are printed on card-weight glossy stock for a great artistic look. Printed with UltraChrome inks. $25 for a box of 12 with envelopes.

Greeting Cards, Single: Most images are available on 5"x7" glossy white card stock similar to store-bought cards, printed with UltraChrome inks. Minimum order of 10 (any combination), $3.00 each.

If you are interested in any of these items, please Contact Us with details of what items you want. We will return your message with a request for shipping information.

Sample images on this site are created from the final image and should be a relatively accurate representation of quality.

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